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After more than a decade of using EA during which time EA has changed a lot I’ve just not kept track with its progress.  There is masses of stuff I haven’t used and some I probably never will. So in some of my idle moments I thought it was about time I documented some of the stuff that I have done and found useful as well as explore some of its other capabilities.

It’s important to note that depending on how busy I am with my day job there may not be many and so there may be long gaps between updates – can’t do everything!!

So will this site be of interest to you – well if you answer yes to one or more of the following questions then possibly:

  • Are you curious about EA and what it can do?
  • Are you looking for examples of using different elements of EA?
  • Want to see how to extend its functionality?

Please note that this site isn’t a guide for the new user to EA (there are plenty of courses and tutorials around – I’ll try to add links to the  resources page when I find them or people tell me about them) but rather a place where you may find out other bits of information.

So this website will be a notebook to document my findings from exploring and experimenting with EA, not that it will all be EA but more than likely will involve using EA to help with the job.

I’ll post bits of information as I progress and when appropriate add more in-depth information into the experiments area – hopefully in a manner that you find intuitive.

I’ll include links to other resources that I find which may be useful as and when I find them, so my old trusty engineers notebook will be virtual; also as there is a search facility it should be quicker than trying to remember where it may be in the notebook.

When I get some time I’ll add a place to register to gain access to the code examples and other downloads from my experiments!

I hope you find something of interest.


BTW: It’s probably worth pointing out that the posts on this blog may be sporadic, not least when the day job takes up my time;-)