Experiments +

The main aim of this project is to experiment with EA so I’d like to

  • Review what is possible – there is so much this will never be an extensive review
  • Check out what has been added to the product that I’ve not yet tried – not sure I’ll be able to do a lot here so I’ll probably just initially focus on a few areas
  • Rediscover stuff that I have forgotten about and well may use in different ways
  • Look at how to extend and integrate EA with other tools and ways of working

As I do stuff I’ll add submenus to the experiments menu to cover the different areas; these in turn may have their own submenus to cover individual experiments – seemed like a reasonable way to organise the information – hope it works for you.

Of course, there is so much in EA and many different things I want to try out that with time it could all change – I’m sure we are all familar with the moving goal posts;-)

Now back to the fun of experimenting – candidate experiments!