About Me

For over 40 years I’ve been involved in many technology based roles from developing software products, product innovation through to several different product / project management roles in many different industries.  My change of roles has often followed my interest in a new technology, whether it was writing assembler for the first microprocessors in the late 70’s, micro-coding bit slice machines in the early 80’s, to the arrival of C++ and the promise of OO in the late 80’s or developing applications on small devices e.g. mobile handsets this century.

I enjoy the satisfaction of understanding stuff and being in a position to apply that knowledge to developing products, providing a service or helping others in their tasks.  This is not to say that I unconditionally employ the latest stuff as existing approaches may well provide the better solution.

Over time I’ve seen many changes with tools and techniques and enjoyed exploring many of their capabilities, in particular where they can lead to improvements that help us do our jobs.  During my career I’ve seen a whole range of approaches, some have worked and stood the test of time others have not.

One of the most important tools for me has been Enterprise Architect (EA); it caters for my need to organise information and the relationships that link the stuff in a structured manner, and as such has simplified many tasks.  I’m a self-confessed EA evangelist, not because I’ve been indoctrinated by others but because I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool in many different areas of my work:

  • Architecting systems
  • Developing software
  • Managing projects
  • and generally organising stuff

Of course there are other important tools such text editors, spreadsheets, mind-maps and a variety of software development environments; fortunately when needed I’ve developed processes and ways of working, including extending EA, to integrate these tools as needed.

So if, like me, you have found EA a useful tool and want to find out more than perhaps some of the stuff on this site will be of interest.  However, be aware that my use of EA has diminished as I retire and from 2019 I’m not actively using EA so unlikely to be many more updates.