TeamPulse agile project management

Are you using Teleriks TeamPulse agile project management tool and EA?

Well, until recently I wasn’t aware of TeamPulse and I am sure there are many more tools out there that I’ve never heard of (and could benefit from!!).  It was through a request for help that I became aware of TeamPulse. As a server based system ,TeamPulse provides the features that a project manager needs to manage the full scope of any agile project.

The initial requirement from the user was for a means to seed their TeamPulse project with information derived from their initial analysis of a project which they performed in EA.

Although this could be done manually,  and if this were a one-off then why do anything else?! However, when the full scope of this simple requirement is considered, the need for automation is obvious.  For instance, you may wish to:

  • output single items and/or whole package trees – so this could end up being a lot of information
  • output linked items, so the output of a single item may result in the export of many items – even more information and what’s more, the need to verify all the relationships are handled; this can be a bit of an auditing minefield if done manually!!
  • output attachments as well as linked diagrams – in what format etc
  • perform subsequent exports adding new items whilst only making updates to items that have previously been exported and avoid duplication

All whilst:

  • avoiding potentially time consuming manual process


  • minimising the risk of making errors in the process.

Having produced quite a few EA AddIns the export of information is usually not a problem provided there is a well documented API.  And, if there is a requirement to maintain future relationship or awareness of EA elements, a place to store information (usually the EA GUID) in the target tool.  With the excellent support received from Telerik I was able to gain access to the relevant information to address these issues, and when there were questions regarding some of the detail very help support.


  • provides a suitable REST based API, and we were able to wrap this in a API that provided all the functionality we needed within our AddIn
  • supports additional custom fields to be added to its workitems and we were able to use this to store the GUID of our related EA element. This meant we could match EA elements with TeamPulse items.

So with the relevant capabilities in place we have been able to produce an EA AddIn (eaTP) that addresses the basic use case to support the export of information from EA to TeamPulse throughout the life of the project.

Export options

Example of eaTP export options

This means that EA users can continue to do their work in EA, whilst providing the project manager with the information they need to perform their tasks. And although the focus of eaTP is very much on exporting the information into TeamPulse, it also provides a means to inspect individual TeamPulse items within EA so the EA user can have a quick look at information that may be relevant to their work.

Work item information

Example work item information as seen in EA

So if you are a TeamPulse user (or looking for a project management system to work alongside EA then perhaps TeamPulse is a tool to review) and using EA you may wish to try eaTP.  If why not give eaTP a try and importantly provide us with feedback on its functionality and usefulness.

For  more information on eaTP click here

I’m off back to do some more exploring of EA – but just want to point out that there was a really interesting webinar this morning from Sparx on “Creating Charts in Enterprise Architect to Aid Decision Making ” – if you missed this event keep an eye out on the webinar section of Sparx as I’m sure they will make it available soon.