Launch of eaForms @ EA Workplace

When I looked at my last post I was surprised that it was so long ago – time flies.  During the summer months I’ve been focused on some very important topics:

  1. Finishing off our eaForms product, getting it ready for users and ensuring that there was a place from which users could buy it (see later)
  2. The wedding of my youngest daughter, whose grand plan involved me in making lots of stuff – all great fun but once again time consuming

Plus having a few days off over what was a very successful summer.

So with that done I’m pleased to let you know that eaForms has been launched and is ready for download from EA Workplace

I’m using EA Workplace to do the stuff that I don’t have the time, energies or skills to do myself. The guys behind EA Workplace (Ability Engineering) have a lot of experience with EA and producing their own EA related products.  And in their own words they saw the need for a “one-stop shop for all Sparx Enterprise Architect tools, services and talent” and in doing this provide a marketplace for products such as my eaForms AddIn.

Whether a developer or user it’s probably worth checking out their site both to find out more about my products, such as eaForms, as well as the other resources they list.

So with eaForms launch – what next?

Well I hope many of you visit EA Workplace and download eaForms, have a play, and even if you don’t purchase, provide us with feedback. As with all products it starts from an idea which a few people discuss, requirements are defined and a product developed.  Users then have a look and decide that it looks interesting but it doesn’t quite do what they need – well if that’s you please make sure you tell us; you never know what features we might add.

We’ve got some ideas for more features and related products but there is nothing like hearing from you, not least as I’ve no firm plans yet.

Other developments

I’ve also been developing some other AddIns which I plan on making available as early access products – keep an eye on our Early Access Site where we provide information and links through to product sites as they develop.  For example:

  • eaTP ( EA To Teampulse)
  • eaProject (EA and MS project)

Hopefully with not too many other distractions these should both appear during September, but don’t hold me to that!

So off to get some of this done and don’t forget to check out EA workplace