Update and setting up a multiuser EA Project

I’ve been a bit inactive on this blog for a few weeks, just had my head down finishing off a product.   When you think you are just about into final testing, you come up with another bright idea and before you realise the goalposts are moving and …

I think we have all been there either through our own doing ( as in my case) or because our boss/client has changed their mind or expanded their requirements.

It does remind me of the importance of documenting and, very importantly, agreeing the requirements for the “product” being developed (plus ensuring that there is an agreed change process to accommodate the inevitable revisions, not least to help with expectation management!)

As its only me and its summer here, until I put the product out user testing I’m the only one to be concerned.  However I’m hopeful that “just” a few more weeks of tweaking, testing and ensuring that the documentation is consistent and it will appear;  I’ll keep you posted.

On a completely different topic, I was asked by a friend a few days ago for some thoughts on setting up a multi-user EA project so put together a short document (Setting up a multiuser EA project Draft V1).  At present it’s a working draft but I expect to enhance not least when I get more questions that come back – in fact, just thought the points I made earlier about agreeing requirements/change processes should be included!

I’ll leave that with you – always happy to receive constructive feedback.

Be back soon.



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    The draft doesn’t appear to be available any longer. Would you mind posting a copy or emailing one through?

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