Debrief from EA User Group meeting London 15th May 2013

EAUG was held in London in an interesting location but what turns out to be a great facility in an industrial area near Earls Court.  I must admit that it took me a while to find it but admit that I hadn’t read the instructions carefully enough!

More importantly, a very interesting day from which I learnt some useful stuff, and had the opportunity to chat with other EA users.  So what did I take away from the sessions I attended:

  • Doug Rosenberg gave a great overview of his SWISSML, nothing to do with Switzerland, but an acronym for his SysML evolution.  He presented some strong arguments of why we must not use agile techniques for any critical system whether it be financial or aerospace – the  warnings were that in the first you might lose you savings, whilst in lives could be lost – a sobering thought.  Of course, it also reinforced the value in using SysML.
  • Geert Bellekens – presented an overview of his work using really large EA models. He was able to highlight, with some real experience, some of the challenges of using EA in these environments, and some reliance on custom AddIns, especially with his responsibilities of checking the models. Later in the day he presented his EANavigator EA AddIn – born from his need to make life a little easier!  Really worth a look, not least as it is free!
  • Peter Dooman – gave us some really great tips of things you can do with EA.  As a long term user of EA it doesn’t surprise me that I only knew about 50% of his tips he presented.  It just reinforces the concept of why I started this blog as well as convincing me to purchase his book Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks  – hopefully providing me with more insight into this great tool.
  • Daniel Siegl from LeiberLieber provided a good overview of the VEA. Such a powerful capability, just a shame it isn’t that well documented at the level that makes it really accessible.  Daniel has written some tutorials which appear on his blog (I’ve also posted some of my experiments with VEA .  He enlightened us to the fact that Sparx Systems use EA to develop EA end to end, and allegedly banning the using of traditional IDE’s such as VS within their company! So if Sparx can do it then it convinces me that I should be able to do end to end development of a windows applications / EA AddIns – watch this space.

Such a fully packed day and quickly over but from which I have generated a list of things to check out:

  • Learn more about SysML
  • Check out “Fifty Enterprise Architect Tricks”
  • Check out the Win32 UI form generation
  • Check out the unit testing integration with the VEA
  • Do end to end windows development example

If you were there I’m sure you have come away with useful information and possibly some things you want to check out.