Starting on the End 2 End development exploration

At last after a couple of months of heavy work on the day job I have had the chance to do some playing with EA.

As set out one of the areas I have been keen to explore further is how I can better use EA to help me in the development of my applications.  So far my use has been very much in the Requirements and Analysis phase with, in some case, the definition of Classes and basic code generation to get me started.

In those instances that I have tried to use it beyond these phases I get to the point that managing the 2 entities of my code and the model becomes a task in its own right.  Yes I can keep the code synced with the model to ensure that the Class documentation remains accurate however it appears from what I have read in various sources that I should be able to go much further.  So what can I do and is it reasonable that it can be done.

Well my initial review this week hasn’t been too encouraging, not least I have found the documentation a bit lacking for the newcomer.  The thought that you have to be an expert before starting to use the tool negates the need for examples and user mauals – well I’ll try and perservere as I’m confident that by doing so I’ll learn more.

One positive note is that I have used the “Import binary module” within the Code Engineering area and it work great in helping me get some useful information from a interface DLL.  So when you need to verify that the documentation and the interface provided by a DLL is accurate and complete perhaps a few minutes spent importing the classes / interfaces into EA could be helpful.